I have learned over the years that a person has a value, pride, and beauty. I was marry to young and had my children to young too. In the moment that I say yes, my fantasy life change, no more fairytales. My parents teach me that always went I was in trouble, that I have to pray to God every day and light candles, so it will not happen again.

I was a good girl, keep to myself, take care my children, go to church. But, this will not be enough for a person to humiliate you, put you down, have sex when he was drunk, and don’t respect you. Over the years I been going to school, and I learn to say STOP, I graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Early childhood and currently going to school for my Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood. I enjoy my women’s class this semester because it teaches me a lot. I learn that my life have rights, that I can love, and the most important thing, I will never say, Why it happen to me?

One of the articles that I read was “Word Warrior” by Jennifer DiMarco, it gives women the courage to live, love, and have faith. I love when she said, “I write to bring light to the shadows and voice to the silence. To shed light on misconceptions, bring light into the darkness. To speak for those not spoken for to speak the truth. Open your eyes, by doing nothing to stop hate, we are condoning it. Stand up against the horrors, segregation is wrong, battery is wrong, oppression is wrong, abuse is wrong. There is no time to choose blindness, do not hide, STOP it from happening again.”

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Proposal for Womens class

WS360 – Final Project Proposal: Reality Bites Back

Elizabeth Ferrusca


  1. What program are you using as your ‘springboard’ for examples?
    Went I was reading the book, I really like and want to research more in the violence on women’s. I think is a theme that is delinquent for some women’s to talk about. I am going to research and get my examples from; www.feminist.com/antiviolence/facts.


I will watch two videos, “Killing Us Softly 3,” “Sexism and Violence in Advertising,”


2.-Is there currently any scholarly research on this program (browse academic journals and texts)? If so, list the sources you plan to use; if not, elaborate on the sources from class you will use to help make scholarly connections and meet your bibliography requirement.

History and the Politics of Violence Against Women   Antonia I. Castaiteda

War Warrior Jennifer DiMorco


  1. What themes are you drawing on from Pozner’s text that contribute to hegemonic expectations for women’s bodies.
    1. Theme (with citation):  Beautiful Corpses, Abusive Prince


>How will you connect this theme to your program (with example):

Violence against Women as Glamorous, Romantic Reality.

My examples will be the advertising ads, with women’s that been violated.



    1. Theme (with citation): “Slap-Happy Plot Devices”

>How will you connect this theme to your program (with example):
When violence against women isn’t being pumped rating- generating pathos. Same examples when people are laugh went they see a women being hitting. (Man hitting a woman)

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